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ST Quattro GT £POA


The ST Quattro GT has a radical and unmistakeable look all of its own. With a beautiful carbon finish it is manufactured by an autoclave procedure which makes it extremely strong but also very light. This helmet is an incredible 1250gms which includes the intercom system, making it the lightest helmet in its class.
For race drivers in GT or touring car championships this GT version has a built in noise cancelling microphone and connections for Stilo’s Ear Plug kit (extras required) but also with the use of our conversion cables allows other earplug kits to fit. The helmet has been homologated with removable padded earmuffs for extra sound proofing in noisy race cars allowing clearer Pit to car communications. 

Snell SA2005 approved.

The ST Quattro is available with metallic HANS post anchors for connection of a HANS device as standard. There are conversion cables available to connect the Rally version of this helmet to a Peltor intercom (extras required).
This is the first helmet designed with the option of fitting a specific drinks system without the need to modify the standard shell. This allows the driver to easily drink during a competition and with its quick release couplings also makes it easy to enter and exit the car. The kit, available separately, is easy to fit and adds next to no weight to the helmet
There are no hanging intercom cables from our helmets as you plug the intercom or PTT system into the communication socket on the side of the helmet, conversion cables allow connection to an MRTC radio kit (extras required). This helmet has no peak but still utilises the Stilo adjustable sunshade which you can pull down to shade your view when driving into sunlight.

Drink System

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