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About the Range

The most efficient and technologically advanced AFFF plumbed in systems and handheld extinguishers currently available in Motor Sport as supplied to major F1 and other winning teams. The smallest and most compact AFFF products currently homologated by the FIA. Options for electric, remote electric and cable discharge operation. FES3 - the code name for the advanced AFFF extinguishant. CFC free and non-toxic.

Advanced Discharge System +ADS – a unique system which comprises a rubber bladder containing the extinguishant inside the bottle. When activated the extinguishant is forced out of the bladder in a controlled pressure discharge. This means they can be used at any angle and will still work and use all the contents of the bladder – Don’t get caught out using cheaper versions that will only work upright!

Advantages of FES3 +ADS over conventional AFFF systems with dip tube discharge


• FES3 AFFF is CFC free and non-toxic. • Less delay on activation than dip tube systems; virtually instantaneous. • More efficiency + better performance = improvement in protection & safety.


• Using our FIA regulated fire test rig we have demonstrated our systems efficiency at killing fires.
• By using the +ADS bladder system the flow rate is constant throughout discharge and all extinguishant is expelled whatever the attitude of the car.
• Operating pressure is typically less than conventional systems.
• Effective as a cooling agent.
• No harmful residue after use.


• Due to the efficiency of the +ADS system the 3.5 litre bottle is very compact (typically 300mm long, 147mm diameter). The average size of a 4.0 litre AFFF bottle is 370mm long, 190mm diameter.
• Choice of electric, or mechanical cable discharge operation.

The FIA has homologated FEV plumbed systems at 2 capacities – 3.5 and 4.0 litres. Both are suitable for all types of car, the 3.5 litre system being the smallest and lightest homologated AFFF available.

MSA specification 2.25 litre systems complying with UK National regulations also available..