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Our Products - Varley Red Top Batteries


Varley Red Top Racing Batteries offer an extremely high power to weight ratio. Combine this with a high resilience to shock, vibration and G-force, and you have the most desirable characteristics looked for in Motorsport. For this reason, Varley Red Top batteries are used by some of the biggest names within the industry such as Van Diemen, Tatuus Racing, Mitsubishi Motor Sport, Red Bull F1 and many more, making Varley Red Top the most popular and professional racing battery on the market.

• Exceptionally high cranking power
• High shock and vibration resistance
• Female terminals on all but the VRT 60
• Maintenance free, sealed construction
• Lightweight and compact
• No topping up
• Can be installed upright or on a side
• Minimal risk of electrolyte leakage of the outer case is damaged
• Over 50 years motorsport heritage
• Expert technical support